Putters, like drivers, have a tendency to catch the eye. Stunning designs combined with advanced technology offer golfers a truly fantastic range of modern clubs from which to choose. It’s often said that the putter is the most `personal’ of clubs and all players know the importance of feel, touch and confidence with what is usually the shortest club in the bag. The selection included in this edition briefly illustrates what is now available for today’s golfer in the pursuit of smooth and consistent putting.

TaylorMade Spider Mallet Putter In their range of `counter balance’ putters, TaylorMade have added a new tour-inspired colour scheme to their mallet shape head models with the Spider Mallet with the new finish. The contrasting top design of black and white alignments improves the capacity to distinguish the impact of the putter on the ball. More weight towards the heel and toe gives a higher Moment Of Inertia (MOI) to complement the counter balance. The `Pure Roll’ insert also promotes forward spin, reduces skidding and encourages smoother roll. Fitted with a grip about 50% heavier than standard also enhances feel when putting. Such advanced approaches help to explain why the Spider Mallet Putter is so popular with golfers of all standards.

Odyssey Golf White Hot Pro Havok Putter The tour proven White Hot Pro Havok claims to provide better consistency from the putter face with inserts being individually cut for each model. The Havok’s stretched back cavity in the head aids alignment by making it easier to see that the putter is square at impact and throughout the stroke. Three alignment dots on the top line along with the parallel alignment lines in the back cavity are other useful aids. The classy gun-metal PVD finish also helps to add durability and wear resistance to keep the putter looking its best. The ‘Pro Havok certainly comes within today’s range of `sought after’ putters.

John Letters Golden Goose Original Putter (GG1) In the ’50s and ’60s top players like Lee Trevino and Gary Player used the original Golden Goose (GG1) putters. The great news for lovers of classic design is that the famous John Letters putter returns with state of the art technology. There are three types of head to choose from including the traditional (as seen here), the mallet and the heel-toe balance model. All putters feature `Roll It’ technology where a pattern on the face has been created to grip the ball for a consistently straight roll. The head shape of the original GG1 is instantly recognisable with its uncomplicated double-sided design and all putter heads have been crafted from 303 Stainless Steel, with its unique properties of durability and soft feel. A true classic allied to modern technology promises consistent results on the putting green.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Squareback Putter The latest Squareback Scotty Cameron putter features full shaft offset and a single bend for the club to sit perfectly behind the ball. Soft 303 Stainless Steel provides feedback through the crisp, solid feel (and sound!) at impact. The `easy alignment’ cross in the cavity also encourages an accurate line-up as the head comes squarely to the ball. Perfectly balanced and stable with `Select Weighting’, the Squareback is designed to flow freely during the putting stroke and over the green. `Tour-inspired’ cosmetics including a silver mist finish and large red dot graphics create an elegant look and feel to the putter. The Select Squareback comes with the promise of catching the eye and lowering the putts.