Seeing the way to better golf

Paulo Mendonça’s Kuper visao Optica studio in Quarteira is experiencing great demand from golfers seeking the benefits of optical support and Paulo stresses that this involves very specific provision for golfers. “When you look at the golf ball you use the dominant eye and that is crucial to playing effective golf. The advanced `eye4′ system enhances golf vision for a positive effect on every shot by establishing how accurately the golfer is judging a visual target.” Golfers undergo a series of tests to determine the necessary individual support. Customised golf glasses can be fitted with specific lenses for strength, peripheral vision and, as Pedro explains, even a recommended colour. “Different colours are for different conditions and, for example, orange is usually recommended for low light while `transition’ lenses optimise definition and contrast. Popular `wrap around’ models can also provide further visual enhancement.” Underlining that every need is met, Paulo also supplies contact lenses as an alternative or complement to glasses. While customised glasses will support golfers, Paulo can even recommend exercises to train the eyes for enhancing peri pheral vision, visualization and concentration skills. Such revolutionary sports vision training can improve golfing performance and is increasingly seen as a fundamental requirement for players. Facilities like Kupervisao’s mean that golfers can take advantage of the sophisticated support now available in the Algarve.