Irons made for both accuracy and distance

Zrixon z 155 irons Zrixon’s combination of a larger head with a lightweight shaft option for more swing weight gives greater stability and energy at impact. High strength steel faces and lightweight shafts complement the Tour V.T. Sole for greater leading edge bounce and less trailing edge bounce. A fast club head speed and a face less likely to move offline improves distance and dispersion. These new Zrixons will be popular with golfers looking to improve their performance on the fairways. Zrixon z 155 irons Ping i Irons With Ping’s new i irons now incorporating 431 stainless steel, improved distance comes through relatively long shaft lengths and greater loft tweaks. A high strengthtoweight ratio and softer feel creates a head designed for trajectory control and the right amount of forgiveness. With lengths and lofts optimised to increase distance and an impact area that provides a clean sound and crisp feel these irons are guaranteed to have great appeal.

Mizuno MP-25 irons For low and mid handicap players, these new high ballspeed iron clubs from Mizuno give added speed and distance. Reliability is promised by the grain flow forging process to compress and maintain a consistent grain through the neck and hosel for precise distance control with every club. The stunning design is tour inspired and forged from a single billet of 1025 Boron steel to create a quality club with great feel and performance.

Mizuno MP-25 irons

Adams Golf Blue Hybrid Iron Set The Adams full set combines 3 & 4 club Hybrids and 5PW Irons. Hybrids feature SlimTech graphite shafts and a velocity slot in the sole for easier ball launch. A stunning glarefree blue design includes a simple `A’ alignment guide in the centre. Each cavity back iron comes fitted with SlimTech Steel shafts and provides a springlike effect to increase launch angle, give higher ball speed and increase distance.