Want to know the secret to better golf? It’s all in the feet

February 2022 —

One simple change to your awareness and focus could transform your Balance, Rotation, and Power! Too good to be true? Read on and you will discover something natural inside of you that really can make a huge difference to your golf game, and you probably aren’t even aware of it!

It doesn’t matter what your current standard is, nor your age or talent; with just a few minutes’ practice, you will experience the difference and start to hit the sweet spot more often and, as an added bonus, you might even reduce the risk of injury.

So, what is this natural thing we all have that promises so much?

What I am going to share with you is one of the most important things to help you create a natural and coordinated golf swing, but it is so often overlooked. Once you discover it, and learn to become aware of it, you really will get a new feeling in your swing, and even in your short game and putting.

Are you standing on your tripod?

This secret lies in your feet. Did you know each foot has 26 bones and 33 joints? That’s the same as your spine, and you are standing on two of them!

Depending on how your weight is distributed on your feet, and then subsequently moved during the swing, will have a massive effect on your ability to create a coordinated and powerful golf swing. Every change in your feet sends a message to the joints above, which, in turn, will create the style and look of your swing, but, more importantly, how effective it will be.

When you can stand on your optimal tripod, you will put the structure of your feet (bones and joints) in the best position to create movement and to trigger the desired chain reaction of movement through the rest of your body.

Are you ready to rediscover your feet and develop a more natural and powerful golf swing? If you are, follow the sequence below and you will soon enjoy experiencing an easier and more consistent swing …

Step 1: Where are you?

Simply stand in a comfortable upright position (this is best done bare footed) and ‘tune in’ to the contact your feet have with the ground. Where are you? Do you favour one side? Are you on the outside of one foot and the inside of the other? Maybe you are more on your heels? Step 1 is simply becoming aware of your current connection to the ground.


Step 2: Find your tripod

Using this image to get a mental picture and awareness of the optimal tripod. Can you find these three pressure points on the ground, and then let yourself settle there?


Step 3: Move into your golf posture

Maintaining your awareness of these three points of contact, move into your golf posture, i.e., tilt forward from your hips and relax your knees. As you do so, keep your awareness on these three points.


Step 4: Make your golf swing

Go through the movement of your golf swing, maintaining your awareness of what is happening under your feet. As you move into your backswing, more pressure will increase under your trail foot (there must still be connection under your lead foot) … Then, as you move into your downswing, more pressure will build under your lead foot and your trail foot will become lighter as it comes up to complete your swing.

If you are practising this move indoors, use the ‘X’ drill as shown in the images above, and again it is best to do this barefooted to help enhance your awareness.

Next time you go and play, ‘tune in’ to your feet and discover the connection you have to the ground. To really have good awareness, you might have to let go of other swing thoughts for the time being, but I think you will find it will be worth it!



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By Scott Cranfield

Scott Cranfield is a PGA Master Coach. For over 30 years, he has dedicated his life to helping golfers achieve their goals through a natural approach that embraces the true laws of how the human mind and body work. Scott’s unique approach has led to the creation of multiple training programmes, and the experience of coaching every standard of golfer from complete beginners through to Ryder Cup players. As well as enjoying a long TV career with Sky Sports and Setanta TV, in 2011 Scott was honoured with the award of PGA Master Professional & Coach.