Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura set to renovate the iconic Old Course

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura is undertaking an extensive renovation of the second-oldest golf course in the Algarve to cement its place among the best in Europe

– July 10, 2024
Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 1
Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 1

Recently crowned IAGTO’s Portugal Golf Resort of the Year for 2024, Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura is undertaking an extensive renovation of its iconic Old Course, the second-oldest golf course in the Algarve, in a bid to cement its place among the best courses in Europe.

The Old Course has undergone a “fundamental and sustainable series of updates” over the last few months, with a new state-of-the-art clubhouse which is set to open this November.

Among the upgrades to the new clubhouse are the entrance, golf shop, living room, restaurant, bar, and terrace area, giving it a classic and elegant appearance that complements the course’s overall legacy.

As a result of the renovations, the Old Course will become a premium gated club offering an elevated experience, featuring personalised service, VIP concierge, and world-class conditions.

Heavily focusing on sustainability, Dom Pedro is introducing “a new long-term strategy to make it one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly courses”. To reduce water consumption and energy consumption, new sprinkler systems and water-resistant grass varieties will be introduced, as well as 100% electric machinery and hydropressor stations to reduce energy consumption.

These changes are being made without closing the course, thus, minimising the impact and enjoyment of visiting golfers, with all developments due to be completed by the end of August.

Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 11
Dom Pedro Golf Vilamoura Old Course Hole 11

According to Nuno Sepúlveda, Co-CEO of DETAILS, the management platform which oversees all of Vilamoura’s golfing assets, “the renovations of the Old Course align with the long-term vision of enhancing quality, sophistication, and an effortless guest experience. These improvements specifically target maintaining high standards in golfing facilities and service and reinforcing Vilamoura’s image as a premier golf destination”.

“The renovations are meticulously planned to respect its classic design and rich heritage, while still introducing improvements that enhance the overall golfing experience. By carefully balancing the old with the new, the renovation ensures that the course remains a cherished destination for golfers.”

A careful maintenance programme will be conducted on the greens and fairways, bunkers will be sharpened with new sand, lips and slopes, tee boxes will be planted with Bermuda grass, their roots sanitised, and levelled, and some will be reoriented occasionally, resulting in environmentally friendly tees of premium quality.

The overall aesthetic of the course will be improved, with more definition between the grassed play areas and the iconic landscape of pine trees, and with more sunlight reaching the fairways, which will have a significant impact on both appearance and quality.

Apart from the course, the driving range will be reworked and modernised to accommodate various training sessions and experiences for golfers of all levels.

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