Paul Kennedy clinches trophy

Since 1986, the “Grande Troféu Vilamoura” has ranked as one of the most important golf tournaments held not only in the Algarve but indeed in all of Portugal. Unsurprisingly, the most recent event was once again a memorable occasion and was also very successful in promoting Algarve golf tourism to an international audience. Held simultaneously over three days last December, more than 300 players of all nationalities competed on the Oceânico Old Course, Oceânico Victoria and Oceânico Pinhal courses. Thanks to Oceânico Golf’s superb organisation, headed by Christopher Stilwell, director of the group’s golf courses, the “XXVII Grande Troféu Vilamoura” proved to be yet another terrific event. The tournament was played in four categories over 54 holes with net and the gross results for the overall classification as well as specific categories for ladies and gents. Memorable highlights include the fantastic holes-in-one achieved by Manuel Gomes on the Oceânico Old Course and Javier Alonso Martinez at Oceânico Victoria. The participation of such as

Manuel Gomes, a very prominent national golfer, a distinguished journalist connected to “Sport TV” and other media outlets and a member of the “Clube de Golf de Jornalistas” reflects the undoubted prestige of this competition. In addition to competitive action, the tournament also featured several social events like the superb gala dinner hosted at the Casino de Vilamoura-Solverde and which included a show and a film to highlight the best moments of the tournament. The awards ceremony and the cocktail dinatoire held on the last day of the event at the Hilton Vilamoura was voted by those at the tournament as one of the occasions most enjoyed. All competitors were invited and those able to accept enjoyed a sparkling occasion. Lavish praise was heaped upon the dazzling culinary and pastry display which was hailed as impressive even by the Hilton’s renowned standards of excellence. The awards ceremony was presented by Alice Carlota and a feature of the occasion was Christopher Stilwell’s address highlighting the success of “XXVII Grande Troféu Vilamoura” in promoting Algarve golf and paid tribute to the many foreign participants in the event. It was emphasised that all such players are now aware, through participation in the “XXVII Grande Troféu Vilamoura”, that as well as having warm weather and excellent beaches, the Algarve is Europe’s best destination for great golf on quality courses. “We are pleased to have successfully organised another “Grande Troféu Vilamoura”. We are especially delighted to have provided the opportunity for both local and foreign players to test their ability in a friendly match in this part of Europe where golf is a leading sport and played in the best conditions”, said the Oceânico Golf director. The awards ceremony saw Oceânico Golf staff and the main sponsors of the event joining Alice Carlota on stage for the prize giving. On behalf of the organisation, Alice Carlota thanked all those who supported and sponsored the event while also highlighting the magnificent dinner hosted by “Casinos do AlgarveSolverde.” Finally, gratitude was also conveyed to everyone who took part in the “Grande Troféu Vilamoura”, one of the very biggest and best golf tournaments played in Portugal. L

OVERALL CLASSIFICATION, NET 1st Paul Kennedy 218 strokes 2nd António Filipe 222 3rd Anthony Lawlees 223 OVERALL, GROSS 1st Nathan Brader NET SCORE, MEN / HOMENS First Categories 1st Robert Barry 2nd Ricardo Pereira 3rd Miguel Sousa Franco Second Categories 1st Jorge Bica 2nd Rui Veloso 3rd Ronan Neacy Third Categories 1st Carlos Palma 2nd Daniel Mendes 3rd António Teixeira Third Categories 1st David McCorduck 2nd Manuel Barata 3rd Carlos Pelayo

Third Categories 1st Lorna Godwin 2nd Ariane Lacroix 3rd Marie Donnellan Fourth Categories 1st Kerstin Nyström 2nd Christine Fools 3rd Margaretha Lejman GROSS, MEN / HOMENS First Categories 1st Victor Lopes Second Categories 1st Tomaz Quental Third Categories 1st Michael Viegas Fourth Categories 1st Jorge Custodio GROSS, LADIES / SENHORAS First Categories 1st Christianne Danker Second Categories 1st Jane Tavinor Third Categories 1st Sue Georges Fourth Categories 1st Isabel Martins