Development programmes for junior golfers Programas de desenvolvimento para golfistas júniores

Clubhouse Algarve supports the development of golf for boys and girls in Portugal. There are various programmes already in place for junior golfers to encourage a love for golf and support children to fully realise their potential. Project Drive is a national programme providing equipment for schools and golf clubs, presenting roadshows for children and parents and working with clubs as a feature of the TriGolf initiative ­ a threeway partnership between schools, local golf clubs and area councils dedicated to encouraging and supporting young Portuguese to take up golf. David Moura, Assistant Coach of the Portuguese Golf Team, leads the development of junior golf in Por tugal and is a key figure in Project Drive. Recently David took time ­ aided by aspiring golfing star of the future, Rafael ­ to demonstrate the stages provided through Project Drive to develop the ability of even the youngest juniors. Starting with safe, plastic equipment, the initial focus is on putting before the young players graduate to irons including short game skills and finally driving. From the very beginning stations are carefully designed to encourage confidence and ensure that the young player has a positive experience when learning to play golf. The careful planning, preparation and investment in junior golf across Portugal including the Algarve gives youngsters the opportunity to experience golf and play the sport as adults. The fantastic golf facilities in Portu gal are there to be enjoyed by everyone and it is hoped that the juniors of today will be the Portuguese adult golfers of tomorrow. With the various schemes now in place there is every reason to be optimistic about the future of golf in Portugal.