Kids in the swing with perfect clubs


A recent, very exciting innovation in club design is contributing to a fantastic increase in the number of younger kids playing golf. Golphinforkids (GFK) ­ based on a simple yet brilliant concept ­ has enjoyed a meteoric rise since its launch in 2014. Founder Calum McPherson carried out extensive research to establish why few kids under 11 played golf and business development manager Andrew Newton explains the beauty of GFK equipment: “The kids swing the clubs and not the other way round!” Golphinforkids has a prestigious international reputation for producing clubs weighing 30% less than traditional junior equipment. Customised clubs are created from a choice of shafts and club heads and with many teaching pros and schools in Portugal using GFK equipment junior golf for kids is booming. GFK clubs help to encourage younger golfers who are now reaping the rewards of clubs designed exclusively for them. For more information on GKF visit: